Tuesday, May 26

BattyCat is watching you.

You may not sip battycat's wine. You may not stare at battycat. Leave battycat be.

Friday, March 6

The secret to blogging

Is still posting things, even if you have nothing to say. Must work on this.

Wednesday, January 28


Just in case anybody reads this - please bookmark http://xkcd.com/ - it's the most consistently funny, thought-provoking web comic in existence. Cereally.

Monday, November 10

Victory is in my grasp...

In the never-ending battle of one-upmanship that is parenting, I've been handed an easy victory. Mom's wrist is tendonitistic (-tisous?) and I'll be racking up the diapering count competition-free for 10 days. X-man is the clear loser in this case, since his diaper is likely to be changed only once or twice per day now. This will by the way officially seal my victory as changer of the heaviest diaper ever - a sub-competition that mom has seemed uninterested in from the beginning. IMG_1931.jpg

Thursday, November 6

Thoughts on the Election

At no point during the last few days of the race did I ever let myself believe that it would turn out this way. I suppose I was too jaded by the past two presidential election nights to trust the polls or my feelings. In spite of that, I was thrilled to wake from a light slumber on the couch at 12:00 am to see President-Elect Obama's acceptance speech. He seemed very tired and very relieved, and a little bit sad, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I was curious to see McCain's concession and when I viewed it on the web the next morning I was pleased to see the old McCain I became a fan of from the 2000 race. I know the big show makes everybody do things they wouldn't normally do but it seemed the man's character remains intact. An excellent speech and earnestly heart-felt.

Thursday, October 16

Joe The Plumber Neither

It turns out that his name is Sam and he's not a licensed plumber. Wait... it gets better. He doesn't just talk the talk about not wanting to pay taxes. He actually DOESN'T PAY HIS TAXES.

Good, solid citizenship there, "Joe".

Monday, September 29

Bailout Failout

"Without knowing all the details, would you say this is a good time to crack your neigbors' skulls open, and feast on the goo inside?"

"Yes. Yes I would, Kent."