Saturday, November 24

More "art"

Bathroom art

Happy birthday K

Sure it may look like the leftovers of a crimescene, but K assures us it will be art in less than 2 weeks. 

Wednesday, November 21

Text-Mine Extreme

This web-based game is in the popular "move your mouse to avoid the evil alien" category - with a twist. You can play it on any of the many annoying websites that use "in-text placement ads" or as I like to call them "Text-Mines". You may already have played the game and not even been aware of it. When you scroll down the page and move your mouse carefully - avoiding the mouse-over pop-up ads in order to locate a bona fide hyperlink - you've been playing "Text-Mine Extreme". 

See PC Magazine's High-Tech Thanksgiving article for a great example - try to click all the normal hyperlinks without mousing over any of the hard-to-see green Text-Mines. I guarantee you'll play it over and over again - whether you like it or not. 

Saturday, November 17

23andMe - 580,000 Data Points of Your Genotype

photo by chase crowson
$1000 is a lot of scratch. How much would YOU pay for this, or would you at all? I'd love to see what they can do and I'll keep an eye on the site for the price to fall as its popularity increases and they get some more competition. If the description is to be trusted, they update your account as new research uncovers more links between your DNA and your potential fate... pretty slick. Now if they could only determine the gene that makes you more likely to die in a fiery car crash - that would be something.