Thursday, June 17

What the hell?


Mr President, I had mixed feelings coming here today, and they were only confirmed by all those kind and generous things you said. It made me feel like I was a pickle stepping into history.

I mean, normally he's fairly cogent, how did he allow Bush to show him up? Did GW's civility take him that much off guard? Was he drugged by Secret Service before being allowed before the President? Was it not really Clinton at all?

So many questions.

OUTRAGE!!!!! Must. Dismiss. Rumsfeld. NOW!

MSNBC - Rumsfeld ordered prisoner held off the books

Isn't it about time this guy goes down? Heck, make it a two-fer and dismiss Ashcroft as well!

from MSNBC:

Pentagon officials tell NBC News that late last year, at the same time U.S. military police were allegedly abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered that one Iraqi prisoner be held "off the books" - hidden entirely from the International Red Cross and anyone else - in possible violation of international law.

Thursday, June 10

Bruce Sterling on How American Science is Doomed if Bush Re-elected.

Wired 12.06: VIEW
Meanwhile, gaps will open between research establishments in the US and other countries, much like the one that now yawns between American and Korean stem-cell producers. US science will come to have a stodgy, old-fashioned, commissar-style inability to think and act freely. Yankee initiative and ingenuity will bow to bulging pie-in-the-sky superprojects like unproven antimissile systems, hot-air broadband initiatives, and swashbuckling moon shots.
Eventually the whole vast bubble will burst of its own fairy-tale unreality. Few will be held accountable. The quackeries will be purged, forgotten, hushed up. Except, that is, for the lasting effect on the health, morale, and self-esteem of the American people.

Talk to the good boy.

Yahoo! News - Can Dogs Speak? No, But They Understand, Study Says

His owners say "Rico, wo ist der (where is the) Banane (banana)," or "BigMac" or "Panda," and the dog searches, out of sight of the owner, until he finds the object.

Fischer and colleagues set up experiments to test the dog, and are satisfied that he understands the words.

"For instance, he can be instructed to put them into a box or to bring them to a certain person," they wrote.

Too cool.