Friday, April 30


S's ride isn't totalled after all, but it's going to cost more than half the car's worth to fix it. Still runs well and she's not in a new car shopping place right now so we're stickin with it. All hail buick.

Wednesday, April 28

Tuesday, April 27

Are we getting to the bottom of this?

Yahoo! News - Bush, Cheney Coached for 9/11 Questioning

"At the administration's request, Thursday's unprecedented questioning of a president and vice president at the White House will not be recorded and a transcript will not be made.
Their testimony will not be under oath, but White House spokesman Scott McClellan said they 'will tell it exactly how it happened.' "

What the hell? No transcript, no recording, no oath. Doesn't that just say "Go ahead and question us, I'll just look stupid and daydream while Dick lies to your face!" Cuz that's what it says to me.

Thursday, April 15

Thursday, April 8

More Mel Gibson-Inspired Hate Crimes Against Imaginary Beings

I almost didn't believe this one. Great: for those 4-year-olds whose parents were too chicken-shit to drag them to the Jesus Christ Chain-saw Massacre, lets beat the crap out of the Easter Bunny. Next Stop: Uncle Sam will be impaled on the American Flag and We'll be gassing Santa and the Reindeer at next year's nativity.

Yahoo! News - Actors Whip Easter Bunny at Church Show

Wednesday, April 7

Tom D gives Bush the smack-down - eloquently.

Floor Statement of Sen. Daschle on the Abuse of Government Power

Tom D gives Bush the smack-down - eloquently.

Floor Statement of Sen. Daschle on the Abuse of Government Power

Yahoo! News - Twelve U.S. Marines Killed as Iraq Violence Worsens

I read this article and the one thing I get stuck on: anti-Iraqi forces? Now they may not be acting in the best interests of their country but since when does anti-American mean anti-Iraqi? I'm thinking we're still in that stage of the friends of my enemies game where the two labels are antonyms. No?

Yahoo! News - Twelve U.S. Marines Killed as Iraq Violence Worsens: "'Eleven Marines died while engaged with the anti-Iraqi forces for more than seven hours; one died from wounds suffered during the firefight,' the U.S. military said in a statement. "

Tuesday, April 6

Left Behind? I'll catch you up: the final Left Behind book is nigh... repent now!

Just wait til the movies start getting made. I wonder if Kofi Annan will sue for defamation.

Plastic: Sinners Repent! The End (Of The Left Behind Series) Is NIGH!: "Tens of thousands of foot soldiers dropped their weapons, grabbed their heads or their chests, fell to their knees, and writhed as they were invisibly sliced asunder. Their innards and entrails gushed to the desert floor, and as those around them turned to run, they too were slain, their blood pooling and rising in the unforgiving brightness of God.

Unsurprisingly, not all Christians are delighted with this. The president of New York's Union Theological Seminary has complained that the books 'misconstrue Revelation to mean that there are only two sides to every question, God's and the Devil's.'

"It's the same sort of vision of the world that is reflected in some of our recent presidential administrations, that there is the world of good and the world of evil, like 'the axis of evil' and 'the evil empire.' The enemies of America are the enemies of God. It is very dangerous, because it leads you to do things in the expectation that everyone who is against you is evil."

Monday, April 5

Wacky Fans

They may look like someone strapped two table-top fans onto a ceiling light, but these Neato Ceiling Fans are super duper cool! Me want. Me want.

Friday, April 2

The Political Compass

The Political Compass: "Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -1.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.72"

everybody should try this. - Police: Student changes abduction story - Apr 2, 2004

Full Article

Well I think its clear that was abducted by someone or something. Perhaps the invisible man? Herself? Mind-control? Vast right-wing conspiracy?

"A security camera recorded Seiler leaving her apartment early Saturday. She left her apartment door open, with her coat and purse inside, police said."

Hmmm. Abducted by a man who doesn't show up on security cameras. I saw that X-Files episode too.