Tuesday, March 30

Ahhhh... while reinstalling Windows XP and every decent piece of software one uses on a fresh hard drive is not for everyone the rewards are great. For all-around system speedup and bug crushing, nothing beats it. I'm on day one now and still finding things to install. But oh what a difference. As in many things, preparation is the key. Unless you don't want all those emails you've been saving for 7 years, you need to be very careful about backing up anything remotely important. I added a hard drive and installed XP on it (D:) so i still have C: bootable in case I forgot anything. The only snag I've hit so far is that MS Outlook picked up some weird stuff from the previous (c:) install. All my inbox rules were predefined and moved the mail to the c: mail store, not the new install. Ah well, live and learn.


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